Now you are already familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

In this article I will attempt to give an understanding of the concept of SEO, why it is important and how it works.

As the name says Search Engine Optimisation is a technique where you will optimize your website in such a way that search engines will index or rank your website for certain set of keywords.

Just imagine 100 students as 100 websites, teacher as a search engine and top scorer of the class as a Keyword. For instance the principle asks the teacher (Search Engine) to find the top scorer of the class (the keyword). The teacher (search engine) finds the top scorer of the class (keyword) out of 100 students (websites) on the basis of marks and performance in overall (metrics) and passes this information to the principle who is a user.

Fair enough?

There are around 2 billion websites in there world today out of which less than 400 million are active. Now the ultimate aim of website is to get ranked by search engines when some searches for something.

For Example: You search for an iPhone 12 Pro in google but there are thousands of websites which sell iPhone 12 Pro and the website which appears on the first page of google actually wins.

In this date and age there is no use of having a website which is not optimised for search engine algorithm and SEO play a very important role in making your website visible on the web reach the right users.

How Search Engine Website Works?

In this section we will discuss about Google Crawlers and Keywords

Google Crawlers:

Every search engine has its own algorithm of indexing a website and Google has its algorithm called Google Algorithm which is responsible for indexing any website. Google Algorithm used google crawlers to crawl the website and index them. When you search for iPhone 12 Pro google crawlers will crawl through millions of webpages and gives the best results to the users. The word best results is associated with keywords, backlinks, content size, user experience and various other metrics.


Keywords are the basic metrics that google uses to rank the website. Keywords are words that are associated to anything such as products and services etc.

Keywords are basically of two types:

  • Short Tail Keywords
  • Long tail keywords
  1. Short Tail Keywords:

Short tail words consist less than three words and they are difficult to rank because they are broad in nature and are not specific. It is very difficult for a new website to rank through short tail keywords. Only the websites such as Amazon and Flipkart which has strong online presence can rank through this keywords.

Example: iPhone 12 Pro is a short tailed keyword because it is difficult to determine why people are searching for iPhone 12 Pro the reasons can be to buy, to know the price, to know the specifications and they are not specific.


2. Long Tail Keywords:

As opposed to short tail keywords long tail keywords contain more than 3 words. Long Tail Keywords will help in targeting a niche segment and these keywords have less traffic, less competition, high purchase intent and conversion.

For example: iPhone 12 Pro price on Amazon in India. Now this becomes more specific and we can understand that people are searching for Price of the phone and are mostly likely to buy iPhone from Amazon.


Along with crawlers and keywords there are many other metrics such as User Experience, Bounce Rate, Click Through Rate, Backlinks and many other.

I will discuss on these topics in the next blog post.

Thank you for reading have a great day.